Mats Gustafsson

”The custom made alto sax mouthpiece made for me by Connor Bennett surpasses all my expectations! Many emails going back and forth and various measures and adjustments being made along the road - this ended up with an amazing result! A mouthpiece I can push  to the very limit (and beyond!). I have had problems finding a great mouthpiece for my alto for over 20 years and this baby is everything I ever dreamt of! I can play super-loud as well as super-soft and the colour of the harmonics are just beautiful. This is how it all should work. This mouthpiece is ultrafast in reaction (and looks good too with the genius construction of the ligature!)  Comparing notes with the designer, adjusting and finalizing it all. This has been a very creative process, the way I want and need. My deepest thanks! ”

Mats plays a custom silver plated brass CJB alto mouthpiece. 

Photograph by Darja Štravs Tisu

Leland Whitty

"The soprano mouthpiece Connor made for me allows me to feel more confident in reaching sounds I thought were normally outside of my ability. The mouthpiece has consistent tone and feel throughout the entire register making larger intervalic leaps much more uniform even in extreme dynamic ranges."

Here is a wonderful studio session video of Leland on soprano

Leland of BadBadNotGood plays a custom HR/Alu CJB soprano mouthpiece with a CJB brass ring ligature and a brass CJB ring ligature on tenor.

Jason Sharp

"Connor was a true pleasure to work with. He took the time to listen to my playing and together we formed a concept of what a mouthpiece should be in order to best suit my horn and concept of sound production. The level of attention and craftsmanship Connor exhibited is truly rare and the benefits of this unique collaborative process are invaluable. I am thoroughly happy with the results and could not recommend him highly enough. Thank you again Connor for your fine work."

Jason plays a custom nickel plated brass CJB bass saxophone mouthpiece

Linsey Wellman

"It's been a couple of weeks now since I've had a custom baritone saxophone mouthpiece from CJBennett Mouthpieces.  I've had the chance to put it through it's paces and I couldn't be happier with the results!  Connor is very knowledgeable, and great to work with.  We consulted beforehand about my sound, my current set-up, and what I'm looking for.  Once the mouthpiece was made, we did a couple of long sessions, spending several hours testing and adjusting until we got it just right.  I can't imagine wanting to go anywhere else for a mouthpiece in the future.  I highly recommend that my horn player friends check him out!"

Image captured from this video interview of Linsey.

See Linsey perform at the 2019 Polaris Prize gala with FET.NAT here.

Linsey of FET.NAT plays a custom silver plated brass CJB baritone mouthpiece and a custom silver plated brass CJB soprano mouthpiece.

Mark Edwards

"The mouthpieces arrived yesterday and I was able to try one out at a big band gig last night. I loved it!!! I thought I would just try it for the first set, but ended up playing all 4 sets with it. Tuning and volume control felt seamless and the tone was full and bright. It was effective both for ensemble playing and for projecting solos."

Mark plays a custom HR/Alu CJB alto mouthpiece.

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