Custom from-scratch mouthpiece design

My approach to mouthpiece making is collaborative and consultation-based. Before starting on a design, I have a thorough discussion with my client in order to understand how they approach their instrument. I'll ask about what contexts they like to play in, the sound, feel, and response they are looking for in a mouthpiece, what has worked for them in the past, what was lacking in their other setups, etc. From there I draw a plan for a mouthpiece to meet these needs. I sculpt the mouthpiece from rods of material and test it extensively. I let my client test the mouthpiece and encourage detailed feedback on what is working, and what might need some adjustment. Using this feedback, I make the necessary adjustments so that the mouthpiece performs exactly to the client's preferences.

Off-the-shelf Mouthpieces

In addition to fully custom designs, I offer 'off-the-shelf' mouthpieces as well. Feel free to contact me and arrange a time to come by and try some things out!

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